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Trama - new album

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Dos Palabras
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Agüita Fresca
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Aixa Figini is an Argentine singer, songwriter and producer. She is a versatile and multifacetic artist, very passionate about the multicultural range of diverse musical languages.


She was born in Buenos Aires, studied in London and resides in Lisbon. The years of traveling together with a restless and curious spirit led her to the creation of a musical style of her own that is deeply linked to grass roots musics comprising tango, Argentine folklore, Venezuelan joropo and other traditional world music, including musical improvisation.


During 18 years of her artistic career and multidisciplinary research, Aixa learnt from Argentine singers, guitar and percussion masters and trained in Musical Arts, Popular and Contemporary Music and Rhythm and Percussion with signs.


She did a Masters degree in Arts Management and Cultural Policies at Goldsmiths University in London, and is also a certified trainer of Musicians Without Borders, an international organization based in Holland. She is keenly interested in diversity and inclusion and believes music can be a tool for building community and social cohesion.


Her multiple influences enabled her to create different projects related to Latinamerican music and tango and to join different ensembles working with rhythm and improvisation. As a cultural manager, she worked as a producer in festivals and concerts with artists as Bjork, Goldie or the Heritage Orchestra.


She is actually living in Lisbon, where she undertakes different artistic projects that reflect her very diverse interest and abilities: these are, among others: the Latin American authoral group she leads, the ensemble of vocal improvisation CIRCULAR, which she herself created, the project “A Beira do Cais” -fado & tango- a show she co-created to build up bridges among both traditions, and her regular workshops where she works with improvisation, traditional music and popular songs.


In October 2022, Aixa released her first solo album, “Trama”, where she showcases her own compositions, collaborations and traditional folklore ranging from Argentine zamba to Venezuelan folklore, Portuguese guitar and the musicalization of a poem by Octavio Paz.

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